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Starting in 2016, the project is in its 6th edition and operates collaboratively with the participation and implementation of companies in machinery and equipment, automation and control, business management software, production and processes, startups, and with the support of university centers, development agencies and banks. It currently presents technological solutions in a practical way, focusing on the experience and demands of the industry.

Industry 4.0 Demonstrator

The Industry 4.0 Demonstrator is an initiative of the Brazilian Association of Machinery and Equipment Industry - ABIMAQ to present the main technologies and concepts related to Industry 4.0.

The objective of this project is to show how the integration of digital technologies can transform the way industries produce, increasing efficiency, productivity and reducing costs. In addition, the project aims to encourage the adoption of 4.0 technologies by Brazilian industries.

There will be several applications that can be explored, from solutions for traceability in industrial processes, to Intelligent Manufacturing using Artificial Intelligence, demonstrating that Industry 4.0 applications and technological solutions are for small, medium and large companies.

Carried out since 2016, the project is a partnership between ABIMAQ, Informa and more than 20 technology and industrial automation companies and will be presented during EXPOMAFE in São Paulo, from May 9 to 13, 2023.



In this edition we will present a variety of applications, from traceability solutions for industrial processes, to intelligent manufacturing using artificial intelligence, with applications and technological solutions for Industry 4.0.


The rounds will take place at the stand and connect Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation project demands to professionals from different areas, who will help show ways to invest in the challenges and get them off the ground.



An automation project will be monitored, with IoT solutions that record and monitor activities and process operations, all this integration tracked in a management system demonstrates how the applications presented can be used in any industrial activity, whether an internal, external or integrated process of multiple companies, monitoring the entire lifecycle of a product.

Smart Machines:

An intelligent machining process, where machine information is monitored remotely through a system aided by Artificial Intelligence, bringing significant information about the process, highlighting the ease of integration with multi-protocols of communication, showing the flexibility of integration of industrial operations and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication. Among the various technologies, a remote activation of the integrated equipment can be observed and experienced, including automation bots known in the market, such as Alexa.

Digital Maintenance:

An automation process that simulates a process activity and assembly of parts is monitored by intelligent and digital systems, where the use of Artificial Intelligence can be observed to monitor machine elements, accusing a possible need for predictive maintenance, to pre-install say a possible failure in the system, or even prescriptive, pointing out the actions that should be taken so that that failure in the system does not happen, in addition, an application of Additive Manufacturing will be demonstrated, where if, any component of the system has a break, the it can be replaced in a much faster time through the additive manufacturing process, highlighting the Generative Design of the new component supported by the Digital solutions of the CAD/CAM systems

Digital Infrastructure:

A presentation of the solutions that should be designed for the digital transformation process of companies, observing monitoring and control solutions and tools to improve energy efficiency and industrial pneumatics, in addition to solutions related to cybersecurity, connectivity such as IoT and 5G device solutions for example.

Digital Management:

All processes and internal and external monitoring of the Demonstrator can be explored in this environment, from the operational management of machines to the control of industrial plants through tools such as MES, ERP’s and Dashboards for monitoring and operational control.

Beckhoff Smart Manufacturing:

A complete solution highlighting parts control and traceability, intelligent maintenance, among other PC-based control solutions, an integrated and flexible solution for the use of multi-protocols that highlights the interoperability of machines and equipment in an integrated process based on the solutions made possible by the use of Industrial PC's.

Digital Solutions:

A presentation of possibilities in the use of Digital tools that enable, among others, the use of Metaverse for integration, training, digital monitoring, including remote and virtual assistance, an immersion in solutions that highlight the Digital Twin, Virtual Commissioning in the use of realities virtual and augmented.

Additive Manufacturing and Quality 4.0:

A presentation of a parts inspection process integrated with applications of autonomous and collaborative robots, in addition to the use of additive manufacturing systems for an industrial scale of production, in this cluster the applications of Additive Manufacturing can be observed, understanding the different types of materials that can already be applied in the industry, checking even more the Generative Design solutions in the use of CAD/CAM tools. The use of tools, software and hardware for management and production control will also be understood from the different forms of inspection, whether by smart cameras, scanners or cyber-physical systems, all of which are monitored in the Statistical Process Control processes.

Digital Platforms:

Here we highlight tools and solutions that provide new business models, originating from the connected industry, all monitored systems make new products and services possible, here we will observe connection applications between companies in the acquisition of digital machining services, we will be able to experience applications provision of remote technical assistance services, acquisition of parts and tools in an integrated manner, among other applications.